The Journey

DSCF1137My Journey with Astrology started in May 1980, I was to be married in September of that year and it was to be a double wedding with my sister and her fiancé. I went to one of the new and burgeoning Wellbeing Fairs, which was being held locally and included alternative and green lifestyles and also the British Astrological and Psychical Society doing readings.

I chose the astrologer to have a reading with, whose name alludes me now, but she was good. The thing that stands out in my mind is that she talked about a Pluto transit and said that there would be many things changing in my life, so I said that this was true as I was getting married later that year. She pointed out that the changes would go on longer than that and be more far reaching but still asked for the date and had a look at the chart for that day. ‘Oooh’ she said ‘Can you change it?’ ‘Not very easily’ said I ‘Hmm Neptune Square Jupiter….Double check everything, because if something can go wrong, it will’ so that’s exactly what we did.

We double checked and checked again, the flowers, the cars, the hairdresser, (who I had an argument with because he tried to tell me he couldn’t fit me in as he had my Mum’s and Aunt’s hair to do – I had to point out that I was the BRIDE – or at least one of them). Yes, there were some problems leading up to the day, as there always is, but because of what I was told we took nothing for granted.

Anyway, long story short, everything was going smoothly from our end on that morning, for a 3 pm wedding. Everything had turned up, we had finally convinced the girlfriend of one of the best men that there was no room in the car for her and she needed to go with someone else, the reception was all going well and the cakes had been delivered there intact. We were even Brides of the Day with local radio so got a free LP. Arriving at the church, my father with a daughter on each arm (his offer of the train fare for the 4 of us to Gretna Green had been rejected some months earlier) we were only to find that the wedding before us was running late!! If only that bride had seen the same astrologer! They were busily going out of the North door (the one normally used for funerals) whilst we were patiently waiting at the South door.

When we had finished the reading, I was asked by the astrologer if I had any questions and for some reason I asked ‘How do you get into this?’ My grandmother was a spiritualist medium, so I had been brought up with the fact that there was something other than just what you can see; some energy or structure that can be tapped into, but I never had her particular gift of talking to dead people. However, I was always interested in astronomy, and whilst my astronomy friends would be horrified, it was as if at that point both my interests seemed to come together. She gave me her phone number and was surprised when I called her very early the next day (waking her up) for more information.  She gave me the address of several astrological schools who did distance learning, I joined one and I have never looked back.

What was happening to my chart at the time? Transiting Uranus was trining its own position at my birth, which happens to everyone in their mid-20’s. This is a time of discovery, the type of discovery that moves you into a different sphere and urges you to think of something different and offers you the opportunities to change your outlook and your path.

Astrology has been the one enduring experience of that time, my marriage has now come to an end, although amicably, the children from that marriage have grown up and gone their separate ways, the house we eventually bought is up for sale, but the Astrology is now finding a new impetus. This is because Uranus in my chart is being fired up again, this time by Jupiter and Saturn. They are telling me that it is now time, after 30 years, to do what I should have been doing all along.Birth Chart Mary

Now the journey continues

All articles (c) Mary Clarke 2014, all images (c) Mary Clarke or Richard M Carr unless otherwise stated and should not be used without prior permission


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