About Earthworks Astrology

 DSCF1132I chose the name ‘Earthworks Astrology’ for my practice about 25 years ago; at that point I was a mother of young children and needed to work in a way that would fit in with my childcare needs. So, I took on a lot of astrologically related tasks in order to boost the family income. I taught classes at night school, I did workshops and talks, I worked on a tarot line and I did clientele work. Interesting and lucrative as these were, I was unable to really focus on building a sustainable business, so when the children were old enough I went back to do office work for someone else.

I have always loved Astrology and kept my ‘hand in’ with talks and some clients over the years so now the time has come where I am able to concentrate on making this a viable business I intend to do so.

Unlike previously, I intend to make Earthworks Astrology a bespoke service, focussing on the astrology of cycles.  This can include small buLogosiness clients,  those who have a major project they would like to set up, like a charity or enterprise and life path astrology for the person who wants to share their goals and see how Astrology can help them make the right decisions at the right time.

This would consist of a series of monthly consultations over a year which can include:

  • Looking at your birth-chart in order to establish where you are now and where you want to get to
  • Establishing your goals and making a plan, using astrology, to time events and decisions.
  • Setting up and comparing various charts that are relevant to the reading, an electional chart for a business or a project for instance, or choosing a suitable time for your Life-Path decisions.

Being a truly bespoke service, these meetings are for the client and what is needed at any point in order to move things on.  Things can change and that is what makes this exciting.

After the year-long cycle of consultations I will offer an ongoing service of a 3 monthly meeting in order to review the trends and how to handle them, both on a personal and business basis.

This is best done face to face especially the first consultation. Either you can visit me or, within a 15 mile round trip, I will travel to a venue of your choice. Further afield I will need to charge travel expenses. For the busy person who is at a distance, after the initial meeting, I can do further consultations either by phone or Skype.


 Groups and Societies

For groups and societies I offer the following:

  • ½ hour talk on the subject of Astrology and an over view of how it can be used in business or on a personal level.
  • 1 hour talk on the subject of Astrology and how using ‘Earthworks Astrology’ can  guide your life choices
  • ½ day or 1 day workshop which will work with individuals on the basics of using Astrology in their own enterprise or as a tool for life path management.

Individual Clients

I offer a truly bespoke service that will deal with discussing any need that you require.  It is person-based and could include looking at:

  • Future trends
  • Relationships with others
  • Career choices and development
  • Spiritual development
  • Addressing concerns
  • Life Path Guidance
  • Wise Woman Chats

I work on at least 2 consultations, one main one and a follow-up visit no more than 3 months later in order to follow-up on the reading and address any other issues that have arisen in the interim period.

Your investment choices

Consultation: £120 for 1 x up to 60 minute session plus 1 x 30 minute follow up. Discounts for further sessions, multiple sessions, small groups and pre payment. Please email in the first instance for more information or to discuss your requirements.

All sessions can be recorded if required and put on CD or clients own flashdrive.  A précis of the session will be typed out and presented either before or afterwards depending on the type of consultation.

Wise-Woman Chats: Informal session including tea and biscuits (or cake if I have the time to bake) using Astrology etc. to talk through your concerns. £55 x up to 60 minutes

Astro-parties: This is where you can get together with a few friends, I can give a little presentation about astrology and then give each of the participants a 1/2 hour mini reading which will include astrology and tarot. £25 per person with a free reading for the hostess. For the best experience this needs to be limited to a maximum of 6 people.

Talks and workshops:

  • £25 per ½ hour, 
  • £45 per hour,
  • £70 per half day (3-4 hours),
  • £150 per day (Up to 6 hours)

The prices quoted are for the length of time actually worked so you will not be paying for any lunch or refreshment breaks. All paperwork, hand-outs etc. are included.  In order to get the most out of any workshop the numbers will need to be limited to a maximum of 10 people

All articles (c) Mary Clarke 2014, All images (c) Mary Clarke or Richard M Carr unless otherwise stated and should not be used without prior permission


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