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Refining your career choices and business strategy.


Anyone who starts a business will know from the beginning that it isn’t just a question of putting a sign outside and waiting for the masses to book their place, it takes rather more effort than that. Of course, there are plenty of hints and tips out there, but they tend to be generic or based on one person’s experience and personality. Most are really useful but sometimes we need a bespoke solution based on who we are and what we want to achieve. This is where astrology can help.

All astrologers will tell you that astrology cannot make any decisions for you but it can give you the tools to make the right decision for yourself. The assumption that I make is that when someone comes with the beginning of a business idea, it is because they have thought of something that they really like to do and that they have found they have a talent for.

Using astrology to drill down to where your talents lie can be very useful. For instance, I am starting my business as an astrologer because I am fascinated by it, I know that I am good at it and I love helping people to find their direction and this is my starting point. Ideally this is should be the first decision that any new business person would consider, but this is not always the case.

Studying a chart can help discover if an interest can be made into a business and career or should just be left as a hobby. It can also determine which parts of running that business we are good at and which we need to call others in for. You may know you are good at healing and you have a good knowledge of your subject, but how good are you at pricing your services or doing your accounts? You may be a brilliant organiser but cannot imagine how to start networking or marketing yourself. This all lies within the chart to be unlocked

Astrology can advise on how you communicate and the most effective way that you can get your message across. It can also suggest a marketing strategy based on your personality, the nature of the business and what you would like to achieve.


Why keep a dog and bark yourself?

Use the talents of those around you. My youngest son has a degree in film and video making and photography and has also had some training in graphic design; my eldest is an electrician and sound and lighting technician. Who else would I get to do audio and visual at any presentations I might want to organise, make small marketing films for my business and work on my publicity material? And they have friends who are computer whiz kids so I don’t have to be. Whose talents could you be tapping into?

Effective Communication

moon light fantasy
The planet Mercury is considered one of the most important when taking into account the way we communicate. In a natal chart it shows how we communicate with others, our thought processes, how we process information and how we learn. Within a business, this can be broadened to look at the telephony, emails and other communication technology, the type of message that is sent out and the type of people who will engage fully with that message.

Communication is probably the key to successful business practice, and whether we are selling a product or service, dealing with complaints or marketing, it is important to consider the best way to do this.

We can look in the personal chart of the owner/director of the company and the company chart in order to gauge the how, what and where of communication.

The sign that the planet is in gives an indication of how the communication is seen in the outer world and it is important to make sure that it is as well placed as possible for the business and the people that are served. This placement can have both negative and positive connotations, for instance, in an air sign Mercury can be enthusiastic but also lost in a cloud of verbosity. Alternatively in a water sign, the expression is emotional, which can be empathetic and healing, but also a bit vague and woolly. Earth signs can be pragmatic and to the point but a little boring and in Fire communication can be inspiring but also bombastic. Knowing this can help to temper the way communications are handled

The aspects from other planets show where the different energies can be brought in and so on. However, and probably most importantly, the Sun in the company chart always denotes head of the company and as Mercury is never far from the Sun, it is obvious that the head of the company HAS to be the mouthpiece and therefore their chart should be studied to give guidance for the best way to communicate at all levels.

Again there are plenty of hints and tips about on what you can do in order to market your business, communicate with your customers and other requirements, but are they best for YOU? Mercury’s placing can guide you on the best ways to get your message out there and make people notice you; after all, Mercury is the Messenger of the Gods.


The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything. – Theodore Roosevelt

Try something new. It doesn’t hurt to have a go, if you have never tried it before see if it works for you. It doesn’t have to be expensive or take a lot of effort but just seeing what another road can offer could pay dividends. If it doesn’t work then you have learnt a valuable lesson or you can try it another way. Changing your perspective can open up vast new vistas

The Business of the Moon


(C) Richard M Carr

(C) Richard M Carr

When we look at the Moon is a personal chart, what we are looking at is the first ever role model that we have a bond with, the mother figure, the one that nurtured us. This experience obviously has an effect on the way we relate to the world in general.

Likewise when we look at mundane/business astrology, the Moon placing, along with the ascendant, shows how the wider world perceives the country or business. The Moon therefore, is indicative of the customer base, our employees and the World at large and how it perceives the business.

When we look at the personal chart of the business owner, we can see the type of person that will be emotionally drawn to them and will ‘get’ them so it is good to look at the owners chart and see where your client base will sit.

This doesn’t mean that, for instance, if you have Moon in Virgo, you can only ‘sell’ to Virgos. You need to look at what ‘Virgo’ represents which is vocation, healing, efficiency, farming and agriculture and so on and so on.

We can also look at the Moon to gain guidance on the way you market yourself. In this instance see which house it is in should also be looked at. Say 11th house, clubs and societies, so go out to groups of people to talk to them. If it’s in 10th house, think big and do press releases. In the 9th or 3rd house the written word will work best.

Working with the Moon and Mercury in the chart it can give a pretty good idea of the most effective way to market yourself.

The Moon shows in both the personal and business charts, how you can appeal to the masses effectively as well as how you relate to employees. It is an essential for consideration when looking into a business chart.


In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer” Albert Camus

When things aren’t going well, it is not the time to give up, but to step back, review and regroup. There may be things you do have to give up, but once you have released them you could discover that not only were they not helping but were actually hindering your grown and development. Making a conscious decision to step away from the problem will help you look at it from a different angle. Don’t be afraid to let things take their course before acting or making a decision because you just might find that they end up exactly where you want them to.

Money …. It’s a Gas (Planet) !


‘Financial’ astrology is a whole discipline in itself, in which the astrologer needs to have intimate knowledge of the financial markets and how the planets indicate the rise and fall of them as well as a good grasp of general astrology. I have known of and attended meetings in London about mundane astrology where they have timed a talk on financial astrology to coincide with lunchtime in the financial quarter. They were well attended by ‘City’ types who had bought a full day ticket just to attend this talk. An in-depth article on this is beyond the scope of this blog and to be honest, this astrologer.

However, there are certain things we can look at in order to use astrology to our advantage. There are several planets that indicate finance which include Venus (money and earnings), Pluto (investment) and Neptune (creativity and sales). Deciding how these are placed and their relationships (aspects) to other planets in the chart right at the beginning means that you can have a head start. This in one of the considerations when electing a time for the business launch.

As an ongoing practice we can also look at the transits of these planets to the charts in order to determine when extra investment or expansion can be thought about and when it is best to consolidate what you already have. Transits of Jupiter for expansion and success and Saturn for consolidation and foundations can also be used to make such decisions.

It is easy to look at the planets in a very simplistic way, Jupiter good, Saturn bad, but this isn’t necessarily correct. There are some planets that pair up really well to balance things out, Jupiter and Saturn are just such a pair. Too much expansion and you get the South Sea Bubble, too much consolidation and you get stagnation or down-right loss. You need the energies of both in order to keep things on an even keel.

As I have said all along, Astrology doesn’t tell you what you have to do but it can give you the necessary tools to make the right decision. As J.P. Morgan once famously said, ‘…..millionaires don’t need astrologers, but billionaires do’. It shows that the most unlikely people are interested in what astrology can actually tell them

Can Planets Affect Your Portfolio? – Forbes


‘Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves’

Such an uncool saying in this age of easy debt but it works. This is a favourite saying of my Yorkshire Grandmother, who was a wonderful business woman in an age when there was little opportunity for working class women to aspire to this. Another of her sayings was ‘Get what you’re given and be glad of it’.

Duncan Bannatyne, he of Dragons Den fame, has admitted that he refuses to buy paper clips because he has realised that there are plenty that come through the post anyway. This is how millionaires get to become and stay that way. It doesn’t matter how well astrology can direct you to making money, if you don’t spend and invest it wisely then you will still lack it.

The difference between being rich and being wealthy is how much disposable income you are left with at the end of the month after servicing your lifestyle.


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