Choosing Time

Or ……..How using astrology will help you select the best time to start anything.

During my many years of work as an Astrologer I have come to a startling conclusion. I call it my ‘Everything that has a start has a chart’ theory.  That means if you know the moment that anything is recognised as an entity (individual person, town etc) you can set up a birth chart for it.  We in the astrological community have charts for many things; people of course, towns, countries and businesses.  You can also have a chart for the time when something changes, for instance when an engaged couple get married you can set up a chart for the actual married life together and it will define how they are seen and how they react as a couple.  All this and more can have an astrological birth chart.

The converse is obviously true, unlike the birth of a child who will come in their own sweet time, we can pretty much choose the time we begin a business, the day we get married or the day we start some other project. In many cases we just choose a convenient time based on whether we have the money, resources, time or desire, but something like a marriage or business deserves a lot more consideration.

To give you some idea of the process of using astrology for this, commonly called Electional Astrology, I thought I would go into my thinking behind the re-launch of my own business, Earthworks Astrology, and how I came to the date I have chosen.


I chose the name Earthworks Astrology many years ago and a date to launch it, but for many reasons, there was no major launch, it just sort of happened. I got good business over the years my children were small, talk, clientele work, workshops, classes but nothing properly focussed.  I enjoyed it and it fitted in with the school run and other family based tasks.  About 15 years ago things began to change and I needed to get a ‘proper job’.  I went to work in a newsagent initially and then back into office work so even then, I only saw astrology it as a paying hobby, even though I was filling in tax returns.

Some months back it became obvious that my office time is going to be limited and I am on the verge of redundancy as well as slowly working towards retirement anyway. Therefore I decided to use this opportunity to have one last push at using my skills as an astrologer and started to take a more considered approach.

Firstly I looked at the sort of clientele I would like to focus on and studying my chart, it seemed to say that small business people, especially within the area of alternative therapies, nutrition and other health related things would be a good place to start.


Looking at a good time, I first of all started with a time of the year and I wanted to initiate things soon after February. I also wanted a date that would work with my own chart so I began to study dates around the first and second weeks in February. The 10th Feb 2015 looked interesting.  Venus would be in the same place as my Sun and Venus is about your heart’s desire,  it also has some reference to income.  Saturn is also in a good aspect to Venus, and if Venus is my hearts desire, that will give it longevity. The Sun was close to Mercury in my chart and Mars was firing off a pattern in my chart called a Grand Trine so all was good.  As I live in Leicester that had to be the place.

I put the co-ordinates into the computer and looked at the timing. Luckily nowadays, you can play around with a chart instead of having to recalculate it every time, like I had to do in the old days with numerous tables and a scientific calculator.  I tried many combinations but ended up with good old Noon on that day.

This put the Sun at the top of the chart for success and as I would be running this from home, that other great benefic, Jupiter, is firmly on the 4th house cusp of the home.  The Moon which signifies my customers is just into the 6th house of small businesses along with Saturn who will instil discipline and longevity.  Pluto is in the 8th house of investment and other people’s money and all the other planets are gathered in the 10th house of career and the 11th house of groups and societies.

Of course, there are some aspects that are more difficult which can’t be helped but can be worked with. Mercury the planet of communications and the Moon signifying customers are in a difficult aspect which means I will need to work hard at getting my message across.  However, they are in aspect, which is better than no aspect which would mean no matter how loudly I shouted and how good my message was, it is more likely to fall on deaf ears.

The Sun and Jupiter are in opposition, but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem as long as I balance the energies properly. There is also little of the Earth element which is about practicality and fruitfulness, but the earthy planets, Mercury, Venus and Saturn are well placed and there is plenty of earth in my chart to balance it.

Perhaps most significantly for my spiritual path, it is on a waning Moon, but when I tried to adjust it to be on a waxing Moon or new Moon, the chart lost some other, more important effects. Again, I can work with that, it will mean a slow start and for the first few days, I will have to make more of a concerted effort to have.


I have decided that at Noon on 10th February 2015 I will re-launch Earthworks Astrology.  At that time, I will publicise my website on social media and will start to write to relevant people regarding my work and talks that I can do.

Now is the gestation period, this time of getting together talks and presentations, publicity and marketing material, and writing introductory articles like this one along with investing in new hardwear and softwear in order to run the business efficiently.

I am looking forward to it, it is a new and exciting part of the journey, hopefully there will be those who would like to share it with me.

 Astrocalc Business chart



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