Written in the stars

I’m on the radio, interviewed by the lovely Tina Bettinson. Hope you can tune in

Girls Around Town

solarsystemTina’s always had a fascination for astrology and on this week’s show, she’ll be delving a little deeper into the subject with the help of guest Mary Clarke.

A practising astrologer for over 30 years, Mary will be explaining where it came from, how birth charts are created and how they differ from the horoscopes we see in newspapers and magazines.

Tina and Mary will also be discussing what astrology can reveal about family traits and relationships. They’ll even touch on what it can tell us about The Beatles and which planets you might want to be well-aspected when setting your wedding date!

Check out Mary’s blog for more on this fascinating subject – and don’t forget to tune in or listen online from 10am to 1pm on Saturday, when the Girls Around Town take a look at just what is written in the stars…

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Samhain, Halloween and the dark!!


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Samhain 1

Recently, I was listening to the radio and it seems a local Methodist church is putting on some activities for Halloween. There will be food and crafts for the kiddies and dressing up and lantern making, even a bit of trick and treating. Nothing new there then, except that the reason they are doing this is to challenge the fact that although once a ‘bit of fun’ Halloween is getting worryingly darker and they wished to challenge this by ‘bringing in the light through the love of Jesus’.

This is complete misunderstanding of what this time of year is really about and they have pretty much got it right but for all the wrong reasons. I was brought up a Christian and I have the greatest respect for both the path and the followers, but it never ceases to amaze me how often they can crowbar Jesus in to any situation on the flimsiest of contexts and this is no exception.

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Chiron – An In-depth Look


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OK my excuse is that I have been distracted by other things but I have only recently noticed that Chiron is transiting several planets in my chart over the past few months and well into next year so I thought that I would take the opportunity to see if there has been anything happening that pertains to these transits and have a deeper look into the meaning of this recently discovered heavenly body.

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Old School Astrology


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Elizabethan astrologerSo – it’s been a while since I have posted, the reasons are many and varied but included in them is finding a suitable subject to write about. I can’t keep going on about the same aspects all the time until it changes because the effect is ongoing and nothing much is changing. However, my thoughts have been triggered by a recent conversation I have had with another astrologer, someone younger and newer to the subject. This prompted a little research on the methods and practices of modern astrologers and it has shown me how much things have moved on since I started.

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Time for Me


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Cabin stove

The inside of our little cabin in the woods, all lit up during last Winter. It is our sanctuary

I have been thinking about my blog and wondering if I should start to write about how astrology can explain or even predict world events. However, my decision is to continue with looking at it on a personal level because:

  1.  My blog is about MY journey with astrology and I like the intimacy of the process and
  2.  There are plenty of other excellent blogs looking at mundane astrology so do we need another one?

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Summer Solstice and a Question of God


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Firstly, may I wish everyone a brilliant Solstice, Summer or Winter depending where you reside.  Mine consisted of an early morning call about my Mum, leaving it to my Brother to follow the ambulance and stop with her along with my son (Thanks Rob and Martyn) and then rushing off to do other things which didn’t consist of the planned Summer Solstice stuff.  Thankfully she is OK and should be home soon.

Along with my lovely Partner Rick, we did do a little ritual to mark the Solstice and now I am going to concentrate on another blog post, two in two days – you lucky people.

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Dubious Words of ‘Wisdom’


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William gibson quote

OK So it’s like this, over the past few days I have more and more been considering the expression of moral outrage in the news and trying to make sense of it. I wrote something about it earlier in the year As Yet Untitled. I am sure that this type of outrage over the trivial has been happening since the dawn of the newspaper, but today it seems that the greatest outrage expressed is over the most trivial things like cheating dogs on talent shows whilst that which we should be angry about is ignored by the majority of the press like TTIP.

Looking at my astrology for this time I have Chiron trining Saturn over the long term and today the Sun trining Neptune. For the non – astros amongst you, the first is all about the wounded healer, finding inner strength to deal with and learn from old wounds, therefore being able to pass on help through your own experience. The second enables a positive slant to be put on this process, maybe a little romantic but it also sees a spiritual task involved in this. So it is my spiritual task to pass on my ‘wisdom’ to you today. Of course Neptune may suggest that this is not wisdom at all but the ramblings of a deranged mind but it is offered anyway for you to decide.

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Losing Mum bit by bit


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Another month has passed and still no blog post, so I am going to try and get going again.

Loads have things have happened over the intervening weeks, a new government, the earthquake in Nepal, Boat people, the shenanigans of FIFA and very recently hearing about Leicester City academy players who were stupid enough to video themselves whilst engaging in sex with Thai women but also verbally, racially insulting and abusing them. Even more stupidly they decided to send said video to their mates, one of whom sent it on to the Sunday mirror. Pillocks or what????

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ELECTION 2015: Why the Coalition must be defeated

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I could choose a thousand stories to make my argument – from the omnishambles budget to tuition fees, from the poor being forced to use food banks to disabled people dying after being declared “fit”, from badgers “moving the goalposts” to Andy Coulson. A thousand sleazy fuck-ups, probably more, lend themselves to the same narrative. But the polls are open and time is short, so I have chosen just one.

The story I have chosen to make my plea is neither the biggest nor the most dramatic. I have chosen it partly because it has gone largely unreported and partly because it encapsulates all the incompetence, cruelty, ruthlessness and ideologically imposed idiocy of this Coalition.

The government is trying to sell our stake in Urenco. Urenco is a joint venture between the UK, Holland and Germany (effectively – E.On, RWE). Each partner holds a third each giving them collective control…

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