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Seasonal Serenity (C) R Carr


About a year ago I wrote a little piece regarding my reconnection Lammas, New Moon and a Liminal Moment and I feel the urge to write a little update, especially in the light of things that have happened over the year.

Again, this doesn’t seem to be down to any astrology and it is more likely to be a result of processes that were started that Lunar Year back.

Work – I came to the conclusion that I needed some respite so I applied for other part time jobs, but to no avail, so I asked at work to reduce my hours by a day and this was agreed to. I can’t tell you how that extra day off has helped me to address a lot of things that I wouldn’t have been able to so easily if I had to work a full week. Also the changes are now in place and working really well and I have been given a position with more money so the drop in wages is less of an issue.

Children – They still have their own stresses but they can cope with them. They are more settled and positive about things. My youngest is even trying to start his own business in Creative Photography and Graphics MC Squared Creative – Home – have a look and let him know what you think

Personal – Rick and I are getting handfast, maybe more about that later, I have worked out the date astrologically and I might write something about the how’s and why’s nearer the time.

Blackbird and moon

Spiritual – Now this is the big one. People have been slowly returning into my life who I have a very real spiritual history with. There were a lot early on, some were with me for a little while and then we lost touch, some I made a particular decision to step away from and some have been with me all along in one way or another. Around 18 months ago a couple who were with me at the beginning of my journey moved back from New Zealand, we had kept in touch while they were away and through many attempts at trying to get together, we finally got to meet up properly last year and earlier this year. In the meantime, Jane, someone who I had started my journey with 20 odd years ago, had moved back down from Scotland, again a couple of years back, and we finally got together properly during the summer.

When Jane and I left our first coven, we decided to work together with another two people, one of whom became my working partner at the time and the group’s High Priest. I had lost touch with him for various reasons. Life moves on and he had moved away from the home address I had for him and I couldn’t find a forwarding address. At the beginning of the year, I emailed him at the only address I had for him and hoped he still used it. This year, at the same phase as last years Lammas New Moon, I got an email back.

I was elated, not only because he replied to my email and I now have a working email for him, but because it was also proof for me that the spiritual connection was live and we are coming back together, hopefully for the handfasting. That may be the final fling before we all go our separate ways, it may be the start of something else, but what it is for me is the knowledge and joy that those people who had been so important in my early journey on this path are still part of it. I hope they feel the same.


Charnwood Sunset (c) Rick Carr