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Jupiter has been in the news recently, it’s close conjunction with Venus on 27th August, which unfortunately I didn’t see because of the cloud cover in the west, and also the fact that the Juno Probe has sent back pictures of Jupiter’s south pole that makes it look like a beautiful piece of multi-coloured damask. so I thought I would write a little something about Jupiter, especially as it has been connecting to various planets in my chart in a positive way.


Io over Jupiter from Voyager 1 http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap160904.html


Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System and can be seen with the naked eye as one of the brightest objects in the sky. It also has loads of moons and rings around it like Saturn, although not quite so obviously. It takes 12 years to go around the Zodiac and along with Saturn it is known as a Trans-personal planet. These planets link you to your peer group whilst the outer planets link you into your generation and the inner planets are much to do with you as an individual.

A teacher friend of mine who was also an astrologer, told me that she could always tell what type of group she would be getting by knowing where Jupiter was at the time of their birth and she was seldom wrong.


We get our first Jupiter return about the age of 12/13, it’s part of puberty and there are certain things that happen to our body and attitude when this happens. It’s the first step to becoming an adult, it’s the first point of rebellion (Kevin and Perry anyone?) when we are trying your best to be grown up but don’t have the life experiences. We are pushing at the boundaries that someone else has set and we want to expand our horizons.

Jupiter is known as the Great Benific because it was seen as big and expansive, when it transits your chart it seems to be about ‘lucky breaks’ but what it actually is about is you, expanding your horizons and giving stuff a go. When Jupiter contacts our chart it makes us positive and optimistic. This has it’s down side too, it can encourage us to be too optimistic and trusting and this leaves us open to making wrongheaded decisions and to be taken advantage of. We can take too many risks which can end up being damaging.


Astrologically it rules Sagittarius and traditionally Pisces. If we look at Shakespeare’s Seven Ages of Man, Jupiter related to The Justice, which is the time of our lives where we can enjoy the fruits of our labours. He is named after the principal Roman God and relates to Zeus in Greece. In Holst’s Planets Suite he is the ‘Bringer of Jollity’, a section of which was adapted for Sir Cyril Spring Rice’s poem, I ‘Vow to Thee My Country’ and another section of which was adapted by Manfred Mann’s Earthband as ‘Joybringer’

So what happens when Jupiter touches our chart. Depending on what it touches and how, it’s a time of opportunity, a time when you can start to reap the reward of previous hard work. You can ‘Sit back on your Laurels’ for a while, but don’t take too much for granted, keep things in perspective and make sure that you don’t open yourself too much without thinking of the consequences. All in all a nice planet to have aspecting your chart, even the more challenging aspects.

In business, Jupiter relates to the Board or Shareholders.  Those are the people who have invested in order for the business to expand.  In transit to a business chart, it is a time to look to extra investments, to expanding the business, sending out mail shots, extra advertising, anything to bring in the customers.  At this point you should see some of the rewards for hard work too.

He is not all lollipops and Smarties though, along with his partner Saturn, the other transpersonal planet, he makes up the process of Law and Order, with Jupiter being the Law maker and Saturn policing that.  With Jupiter, you get what you deserve. Work hard and the rewards can be great, laze about and expect it all to come to you and you will be sadly disappointed.