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Isn’t it nice when you have someone that you can unload your concerns to who can give you some relevant advice?

I have had very few enquiries regarding doing peoples charts and that saddens me, not because I need the money, but because I love helping people using astrology. I have to admit that I haven’t been pushing it for various personal reasons and have now accepted a full time office job so I will have little time to concentrate on it in the future and at the age of 60 I may have missed the boat completely.

Chatting to my good friend Tina on Friday about all sorts of deep and meaningful things, we touched on our own personal projects. Over the months I had lost motivation and was wondering if the path I started back in February 2015 was relevant any more.

Using my knowledge as an astrologer, I had thought about concentrating on giving business advice but I am not really trained in business although I come from a family with a lot of business acumen. I have a lot of common sense built up over the years, a broad and deep understanding of astrology accrued over 30 years of study, an ongoing fascination with it and the knowledge that I can help. I have also had some training and experience in project management.

One of the things that had frustrated me over the years was the one off reading with no feedback or progression. I thought that working with business people that it would be an ongoing process and although the regular money was not to be sniffed at, it was the continuation of advice and seeing the potential of a project growing and developing that really inspired my thinking.

However, talking to Tina made me realised that my real passion lay with people and working with individuals to help them cope with and understand their life path. It was something I tried to do, reasonably successfully in my early years as an astrologer.

To improve my practice and knowledge I took a counselling course and while one of the things it taught me is that I wouldn’t make a good counsellor (too impatient) it did give an awful lot of good, relevant information to use with my practice. The most important thing that I learned was the way my own experience and prejudices can colour my perception and how to get around this.

‘You are a Wise Woman, a Crone in the most literal sense’ said Tina. I was flattered because I hadn’t really thought of this, but I suppose I am. I have brought up children who have become decent young men, I have a grandchild who is a delight and last year I danced into my seventh decade. Although I haven’t been through the more rigorous challenges that some have had to contend with, I have had relationship break ups, money worries, loss and grief, health issues and several dark nights of the soul where I just didn’t know which way to turn.

Over the years I have had astrology, my developing spiritual path, my family and the wisdom of friends and elders to talk things through with. Sometimes the help was immediate and inspiring, at others is took time to develop and ended up helping in other circumstances. However, I did find that some of the advice, good through it was, came from the experiences of the person giving it.

As my life has progressed I have developed and grown and become more courageous and willing to embrace change. I have also built up a lifetime of experience and knowledge which I would love to share.

2 women chattingTo this end I have decided to offer something new with Earthworks Astrology, which is a bespoke service after all, which I call Wise-Woman Chats.

You may feel that you need some direction but don’t need counselling, or therapy, or life coaching, or the sort of ongoing service that is offered a lot these days. Perhaps what you feel you need is a chat to help you find some direction, to understand what is going on in your life and to get some suggestions from someone who is impartial and not emotionally involved. If that’s the case then I am your Wise-Woman…. and there will be cake, homemade if I have the time, we can have a cup of tea or coffee and a chat, whilst looking at your chart and various other techniques which could help.

This doesn’t over-ride any of the other services but I hope it will make a welcome addition. Because of the lack of formality the sessions will be priced more affordably at £55 for around an hour (including cake).

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If you are interested, email me through this blog or message me through the various social media accounts and we can arrange something. This service is only really available within an hour’s drive time from Leicester, although if you wish to visit me, then it is as far as you would be willing to travel. After all, we can’t eat cake together over Skype or the phone, the face to face nature is part of the magic.