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It’s 2016 now and I really need to add to my blog. I did start a post that consisted of stuff that had to do with what was happening in the news and my usual hobby horse about moral outrage and how fear is stultifying good decision making and creating knee jerk reactions everywhere, but I realised that I was just buying into it all and going off on one…… again!. Sorry but sometimes my Pluto square Mercury has to have its way.

However I changed my mind and decided to do something astrological! I had noticed that several members of my family have being going through either their first or second Saturn returns and decided to do some case studies based on how the experiences of transits are both similar and different depending on past experience, other transits happening at the time and intrinsic personalities.

The first one I am going to start off with is that of my youngest son. M is dyslexic and when he was born he was blue for a very short while and because of this he also has a poor working memory. He is a Leo with Libra Moon and Gemini rising and turned 29 last August. During 2015 he had his Saturn return from January to October. Other significant transits for that time and beyond are Uranus trine Uranus which everyone has at that age and Uranus trine Sun. There were also Saturn/Mercury transits along with Uranus/Chiron and Jupiter/Sun. I looked at this at the beginning of the year and told him it was ‘His Year’ I don’t think he believed me and to be honest at the end of the year I began to doubt it too, except when I looked deeper into what actually happened and the changes in his attitude and behaviour.  They were subtle, but definitely there and very Saturn Return.

There is a particular aspect in his chart that makes him quite insular, even with the fire and air,  he also struggled academically which means he lacks confidence and doesn’t engage well with strangers. However, his love is film and other creative visual arts, like drawing, model making and photography and he has strived to get a degree in film and video production. He is a particularly talented illustrator, using pen and paper and computer graphics, although seldom moves out of his comfort zone. The picture below he started by hand with pen, then he scanned into his computer and finished off with computer graphics.

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M has struggle to find a job, firstly being on job seekers with odd appearances as an extra and then he became a full time carer for my Mother until she went into a home during 2015. We did this so he would be able to do his film extra work without having to go back and forth to the job centre to sign on.

In July this year things became difficult for Mum and she went into hospital and subsequently into a home, at this point his Saturn return was already in process as well as Uranus trine Uranus/Sun. Uranus was also sextile Chiron in his chart exactly on the day Mum went into hospital, which indicated a release in his caring duties but it also meant that he had to find some other form of income. The extras work was occasional and he refused to go back on jobseekers allowance so he started applying for jobs. He is still living in my mum’s house and paying the bills so needs an income.

M volunteers at the local dyslexia group, teaching dyslexic children computer skills. He has done this for the past 5 years, taking over from my late Father in the group that M used to attend. We thought that classroom assistant would be a good job for him, but you need experience or qualifications. Even with his degree he couldn’t get an interview and he has previously been reluctant to go back to college to retrain.

This is where the Saturn return kicks in. Because of his dyslexia, his confidence has been shot over the years and he has never been successful on the few interviews that he has been invited to, but he persisted and got a zero hours contract in a warehouse in September when Saturn was making a good aspect to his Mercury and Uranus was making it’s second pass over Chiron. This finally dried up a couple of weeks before Christmas, funnily enough when Uranus was trine his Sun. This is all about opportunities, but it was the second pass, which is more like clearing the way for opportunities. It meant that M had to have a good hard look at what he really wanted to do.

He applied for a couple of other posts and was unsuccessful, but knows what he did wrong and is willing to learn from it. This is a new direction for M who has previously refused to move out of his comfort zone. He now realises that in order to get where he wants to be he needs to put in effort and not be afraid of rejection. He is considering retraining so that he can get work in a school which will give him the summer to do extras work. It has taken a long time, but he is a Leo with an acute lack of confidence and this has a stagnating effect. He is also addressing his anxieties and learning to express himself and engage in things that he isn’t comfortable with.

SaturnAbout a year ago, my sister-in law introduced him to a graphic designer friend who was willing to mentor him, although at the time M failed to follow it up because of his extreme lack of confidence. This has now come up again over a family meal and how the friend still keen to mentor him. I think intensive nagging is called for here and I have promised him that if he wants me to shut up about it he needs to re-engage and arrange a further meeting.

The Uranus transits finally clear by next March and from experience this is the time where he will have a better vision of the direction he wants to go and the opportunity to take that path. It has been a long and sometimes painful journey for him but this is what the Saturn return is all about.