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Me pontificating,

Me pontificating,

So I was interviewed for the radio which was broadcast last Saturday.

When I was asked by Tina Bettison (well I did the asking really) to be interviewed on Girls About Town radio programme on Newark Radio I got really excited.

She gave me a few dates and asked me when I wanted to do the interview and I chose the date that made most sense astrologically which was 7th November, there were some nice applying aspects and all the following Jupiter aspects which I have briefly talked about in earlier posts.

There was also a good Saturn/Venus transit that would keep me focussed on that day, so we talked about it and I had a go at preparing for the interview in what is my usual haphazard way. I have a very strong Saturn in my chart which is good in a lot of ways, it gives me stamina, a sense of priority and a strong sense of responsibility. However, I also have quite a strongly placed Neptune which goes on to sabotage this with the ‘Ooh look there’s a butterfly’ type of distraction moments.

It also came to pass that the interview could not actually be held on the 7th, it needed to be recorded and because of other commitments the only day that Tina and I could get together was on 31st October after a disastrous effort on Skype the week before. I had never used it before and trying to sign up on several different steam driven pieces of technology was not easy.

Still, the 31st seemed a good day for communication and I had no real worries because it was the day before my preferred date, that I couldn’t have, of 1st November . I had also done many talks and workshops on astrology and taught it at night school, all the information is there in my head and Tina had sent me the questions before hand so how difficult could it be?

What I hadn’t reckoned for was a long term Neptune transit to my Mars and my own Neptunian propensity for verbal diarrhoea. So – Tina asked the questions and I went on to answer them fully and frankly I thought, although I did notice a look of patient forbearance flash briefly across her demeanour more than once.

Interview 04

I told personal, interesting stories that I entertained my after dinner audience with. I gave my opinion on how astrology should be used and what it’s limitations are, the difference between Sun Sign horoscopes in the newspaper and doing a full birth chart. I showed of my knowledge of the history of Astrology and it’s past use and how astrology and astronomy were one and the same thing until the ‘age of reason’ when science started to distance itself from the things it couldn’t double blind test – etc, etc. After about an hour Tina said she thought she had got enough and promised that all the ‘ums’ and ‘errs’ would be edited out.

So – the day came and it had been built up by June Rowlands, another presenter, in her blog Girls Around Town Online, mentioning about the Beatles (Oops, that was not really my story but that of a former president of our Astrological Society, a former music teacher who would be well into his 90s if he is still about. He had told me what he had found out and vaguely how he did it but If I was asked, I couldn’t come up with a swift, accurate explanation that would expand on what I had already said)

I reblogged it and followers were liking it so we were all set up.

I could only listen to it on the internet because it is a very new, local station so I logged on and started to listen. Music was good, banter was good, the local news was interesting as were the other guests. A good programme which I was disappointed that I couldn’t get on my radio. Then came my bit, at first it was OK, I thought that I sounded like my cousin, my North London accent hadn’t gone despite living in Leicester for 50 years. I was talking about how I got into Astrology and had amusing personal stories that I was well rehearsed in.

Then more music a couple of local adverts, more music. The next part of my interview came, again, I was enjoying it but there was a growing realisation that it took me an age to get to the answer if I ever did. Neptune had taken over and I was waffling for England, I was beginning to bore myself and that was embarrassing. Saturn was wagging a finger at me and asking me what on earth was I thinking of. I have to admit to cowardice at switching myself off before I got to the last bit with the excuse that I was picking up my Grandson for the weekend and I couldn’t be late.

Tina has promised to send me the edit for my blog which I will have to listen to a few times to get over my embarrassment before I upload it so, dear readers, you may have to wait a bit for that one.

Now, I may not have come over like that to others listening.  It might be my Virgo Moon and strong Saturn telling me I am just not as good as I think I am, I don’t know, although my darling love has agreed with me. He has told me several times what I do wrong and mentioned that he had to sit through the unedited version the first time (he was there with me, someone had to take the publicity shots) so that makes me feel vindicated in my observations.

Anyway the positive side is that I now have heard myself as others hear me and have made a conscious decision to keep on track if anyone ever has the courage to ask me to do anything like this again. That’s the power of Saturn, the reality hit that makes you realise things need to change. It might work for a while anyway.

Finally thank you Tina, June and Sue for putting up with my ramblings. You have a great show