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OK my excuse is that I have been distracted by other things but I have only recently noticed that Chiron is transiting several planets in my chart over the past few months and well into next year so I thought that I would take the opportunity to see if there has been anything happening that pertains to these transits and have a deeper look into the meaning of this recently discovered heavenly body.

Chiron planet x1Astronomy, History and Themes

Chiron is a minor planet that was discovered by Charles Kowal in 1977 although there may have been images of it that go back as far as 1895. It is now thought to have been a captured comet because of the eccentricity of its orbit although another theory is an escaped moon or asteroid. The orbit of Chiron goes inside that of Saturn and beyond Uranus. More information on the scientific stuff can be found in this link Chiron

Of course, as soon as it was discovered the astrological community immediately started using it in their charts. As always there was a lot of supposition going on but eventually ongoing work by astrologers such as Zain Stein and Barbara Hand Clow gave Chiron it’s astrological themes, which are still used by astrologers today.

Themes such as ‘Rainbow Bridge’ because of its erratic orbit. It connects the outer of the personal planets (Saturn) with the first of the transpersonal planets (Uranus) and therefore the personal experience with that of the wider peer group. It also connects the conscious with the unconscious

Another theme is ‘Maverick’ again because of the orbit. It is that state between the fixed notions of Saturn and the rebelliousness of Uranus. Also because of its physical form, too big to be a conventional comet but smaller then Pluto and therefore too small to be a planet. A rebel does things to change the status quo, a maverick does things regardless of whether there is approval or disapproval.

The third major theme is ‘Wounded Healer’ and this comes from the mythology of the name Chiron who was a healer and a teacher and was also wounded. This is a misinterpretation of the myth in the fact that Chiron is seen in a chart as being the place of your wounds which can be used to help to heal others. However, Chiron didn’t become and healer and a teacher because of a wound that he could not heal, but he did relinquish his immortality because of it so that he was able to die and end his suffering. Chiron was seen as being apart from his ‘tribe’ as a Centaur who has civilised himself and not cling onto the instinctual untamed nature of the other Centaurs. Therefore he can be a mediator between those natures within the psyche.


It is interesting to note that at the time of Chiron’s discovery there was an upsurge in the whole New Age thing. An increased interest in Astrology, in alternative spiritualities, alternative healing, various psychologies and psychotherapies and an opening up of the perceived acceptance of it all. I say perceived because as time went on there was a backlash against some of it. As the love generation of the 1960’s/70’s gave way to the punk/new romantic generation of the 1970’s/80’s it was becoming obvious that developments and changes in personal expression was moving on apace.

This process can also ascribed to the Neptune in Libra generation coming of age in the early 1960’s and those who had Neptune in Scorpio coming of age 15 years later.

In the Chart and transits.

For this part I am looking at my own chart and transits in order to see how this works on a personal level and whether there is anything else that might describe the interpretation.

My natal Chiron is situated at 3 deg Aquarius, very close to Venus which also involves it in a difficult ‘T’ square pattern with Neptune and Mars. If we take Chiron out of the equation for the time being, the Neptune/Venus/Mars ‘T’ square describes my continual disappointment with relationships, especially in my early days. It wasn’t the men involved who were a disappointment, it was the nature of the relationship. I would describe myself as a serial monogamist and my marriage lasted nearly 30 years so I worked with that disappointment for a while. Taking that initial ‘T’ square would indicate a continual longing for a perfect relationship (Neptune/Venus)which when it didn’t happen would end in anger and selfish behaviour (Mars) and I have seen this in people with this set up on numerous occasions. Happily I have now found a relationship which I believe it is as good as it gets so this is a keeper as far as I’m concerned.

romantic-love-robots-wallpaper-HDI would describe myself as romantic but in an ironic way. I love romantic gestures but have learned that they don’t necessarily come with a promise. I learned quickly that expectations lead to disappointments so I take relationships as they come. I try not to second guess or write the script and a certainly don’t deal with hints. I challenge clichés (We can still be friends, I will do anything for you) and the only thing I demand is honesty and that someone is with me because they want to be, not because I demand it or that they are scared not to be. I have an ‘open’ view of relationships, the only betrayal for me is lack of honesty and breaking a promise to me to placate someone else without good reason or discussion.

heart_and_flower_in_sandI am also still friends with previous partners, some closer than others but none who I couldn’t spend time with, because I believe that whatever happens during a relationship to break it up, what was initially there to bring it together long term doesn’t go away. Do they feel the same about me? no one has said differently.

I have also discovered that I have an innate feel for the relationships of others. I can see if it is working and if it isn’t. I can see if it is worth fighting for or if it should be allowed to split up. It could be argued that my increasing age and experience might be the answer to this or that it is obvious in peoples body language or in the instance of Astrology, in the chart. However, I seemed to be able to do it even before I had my own relationships, before I learnt Astrology and I believe that Chiron close to my Venus has helped in this and my approach to personal relationships, which seems to me to go against the general ‘norm’. This is the Maverick, I do not approach relationships in this way as a backlash against ‘society’ or to be seen as different but because this way works for me. I believe that I also help others see the reality of their relationships (if asked) and how their choices can make a difference. During consultations I can expand on the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ theme and the ‘Wounded Healer ‘

With a rational Aquarius placing of Venus, I can look at the chart and see where this might be backed up. I have found some placings that might reinforce this but only in a very general way. This is why I feel that this is specifically the role that Chiron plays in my chart.

The transits have been telling.

I knew that the office was closing some months before it happened but the option for voluntary exit didn’t show itself until February 2015, just at the point that Chiron was coming up to my natal Sun. We were given a couple of weeks to express and interest and then we had to wait. I had pretty much decided what to do both before and after redundancy so I had to put all those pieces into place.

A three month notice period was given at the end of March, pretty much as Chiron had passed from my Suns position and moved onto a good aspect of Jupiter (nice compensation offer). I finally left at the end of June as Chiron turned retrograde and held a station opposing my Moon (home and family) and in another good aspect to Saturn (foundations). For the past 2 plus months there was a lot of family stuff that needed sorting out (see previous posts if you’re interested) which meant I got very little done that I was meaning to. However, this is OK because Chiron turns direct again in November which is also the time that there are a lot of nice Jupiter transits to my chart so I shall look forward to things.

How do the Chiron transits mirror the themes?


The idea of needing to relinquish a lot of things during this time, full time work, plans to do other things has been quite strong throughout this time. It has also been frustrating but a huge learning curve. My status has changed within the family almost like a surrogate matriarch because of my mother’s continuing frailty. I have had to put time lines on hold and I haven’t been able to hold onto as much of my compensation as I first hoped. However, because I have had to focus my energy elsewhere my priorities have changed and I have refined my plans and the way I will need to earn a living as time goes on. Maverick again because I shall be wandering off on my own path and not following some of the advice that I have been given – at this point. What works for me is important.

As with my relationships, I have also learnt patience and adjustment very quickly – this is what the Chiron themes teach. However Chiron will be transiting that particular planetary pattern in my chart until February 2017 so we will watch this space to see what is still to come.