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Cabin stove

The inside of our little cabin in the woods, all lit up during last Winter. It is our sanctuary

I have been thinking about my blog and wondering if I should start to write about how astrology can explain or even predict world events. However, my decision is to continue with looking at it on a personal level because:

  1.  My blog is about MY journey with astrology and I like the intimacy of the process and
  2.  There are plenty of other excellent blogs looking at mundane astrology so do we need another one?

It’s been a few weeks since my last blog post, a few busy weeks. It isn’t at all how I envisaged my first month of semi-retirement and redundancy but with Uranus making a difficult aspect to my Jupiter, I shouldn’t be at all surprised.

Far from being able to plan my life, this day for the business, this day for work, if it’s  a good day go out and use the outside gym just around the corner from me etc. It has just been fire-fighting.

The only reason that I have the time to write this is because I am full of cold and am finding it difficult to do much else. Also, today I have Mercury conjunct Jupiter so I don’t want to waste the energy. On a slightly longer term basis I have Jupiter conjunct Pluto, which is exact today and means doing things for myself and kick starting the future I want, even if that seems a long way away.

Mum was taken into a local cottage hospital on the same day I started my holiday. We had already left and that week was dealt with by the rest of the family. It’s been a mixed blessing (Uranus/Jupiter) as they have been able to sort a few things out and diagnose the type of dementia she has which happily will respond to medication. We have also realised that it has got to the point where we now will have to find her a home. This has other knock on effects of course, but once sorted it will help with a lot of the stress. It is something that I am happy to admit, I wasn’t looking forward to and wanted so much to keep her in her home of over 50 years.  However, on the day she left for the hospital she seemed to realise that she wouldn’t return as she was saying goodbye to all her photographs.

Being in the hospital environment seems to have had a positive effect on her because she is much brighter and more stimulated. This has had some effect on her memory in the fact that she can remember things like her birthday more readily and although we still have bonkers conversations and she has taken to small acts of kleptomania, she isn’t so frightened and we can laugh like drains again, mostly about her supposed ‘rebellions’ against the nurses.

However, with unfortunate accidents and other fortunate occurrences happening to other members of the family, like broken wrists, injured feet, new job, extra work to name but a few, this leaves me with the lion’s share of the work because I now have the time. This includes that whenever we have to get together as a family, I need to collect my sister (broken wrist, can’t drive) and take her to where ever we are meeting. This is the effect of Uranus square Jupiter, you can’t make plans because even if you do, circumstances will change and I have got this for the rest of this and the whole of the next year. Damn you Uranus!!!!!

On the up side, I have noticed that there is a lot of Jupiter energy waiting in the wings for later on in the year and well into next year, so I can start planning certain events using Jupiter’s positive energy for timing and trying to make sure that the unexpected is more positive than negative.

cup-of-tea-jpg-1024x1014For the time being I need to roll with the blows, do what I need to, when I need to and make sure that I make time for myself, along with a Lemsip (other decongestant drinks are available)