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Firstly, may I wish everyone a brilliant Solstice, Summer or Winter depending where you reside.  Mine consisted of an early morning call about my Mum, leaving it to my Brother to follow the ambulance and stop with her along with my son (Thanks Rob and Martyn) and then rushing off to do other things which didn’t consist of the planned Summer Solstice stuff.  Thankfully she is OK and should be home soon.

Along with my lovely Partner Rick, we did do a little ritual to mark the Solstice and now I am going to concentrate on another blog post, two in two days – you lucky people.

Usually I look at what is happening astrologically in my chart and today Mars sextile Neptune, which is supposed to be about self sacrifice.  Well, I sacrificed my planned Solstice activities to do other running about but to be honest, I could have done more but didn’t, and could argue that with regard to the statements in my last post I am giving back power to the others involved.


However, the purpose of this blog post is to explore the definition of God or the Divine, deep huh?  These thoughts were initiated by a couple of things.  Firstly a question on a forum about the existence of God and how we see the Divine and a TED talk by Richard Dawkins called ‘ Militant Atheism ‘ . I also had a bit of a twitterfeed discussion some time ago with some young men of a certain age and beard length, but nothing came of it because of the limitations of 140 characters, except I was called out to go for the $1m reward offered by James Randi for proving something that I can’t really fathom to be honest.

Firstly may I say that this is definitely not definitive or based on facts, just my observations and experience, probably the ramblings of a deranged mind in this case but hopefully it might prove to be a bit inspiring.  It also might add some clarity for me that in writing down these ponderings just might help me understand better how I see God.

I have come to the conclusion that those of a religious persuasion, some of a spiritual persuasion and those who are atheistic have completely the wrong handle on what or who the Divine is.

I can hear you saying, OK clever clogs! what makes you say that?, so this is how I see it: From the moment we Hominids developed the type of brain that enabled us to recognise our reflection and  become aware of our own identity and mortality, we immediately began to rationalise things.  Without the help of Science or telescopes or Google, we came to the conclusion that anything that was outside our understanding or control was being controlled by something else, something or someone bigger.  Therefore for us to stay in control we needed to ‘appease’ the said bigger something in order for ‘IT’ to do our bidding. This was the beginning of ritual.

With rationality came imagination and either through metaphor, stories or the imbibing of various natural hallucinogenic substances, these ‘ITs’  became entities, believed in firstly by the clan who sat around the fire at story telling time and then the village who heard them at open gatherings. The more bonkers or high on magic mushroom juice someone was, meant that they had a direct line to ‘IT’ and therefore became the person to go to in order to get the Wisdom of IT.  Then the stories started to travel with the Humans.  Battles were waged over land and whose ‘IT’ was the most powerful one and the winner ‘IT’ became most believed in, probably because ‘IT’ was better at protecting ‘ITs’ believers.

Time went on, stories got written down and it soon became obvious that those who could interpret these writings (or even read them) could wield a certain amount of political power over those who couldn’t.  And religion was born along with God and sin and forgiveness and punishment and hell etc etc.

OK, this seems to be a cynical look at people’s beliefs and possibly suggests that I don’t believe in God, which is untrue on many levels.  What I really don’t believe in is the big Beardy Bloke in the sky offering bouquets to those who do as they are told and brickbats to those who don’t and over whose name ongoing bloodshed is happening.  This is the concept that most of the religious types tell us exists and all the atheists tell us doesn’t. Also atheists think that anyone who believes in God, believes in this concept. Atheism is as much a dogma as any other religion because it says we are right and you are wrong.

So if God isn’t like that, what is he/she/it like?  To start with, I bet that the look that Brian Cox has as he is explaining the Wonder of the Science of the Universe and Life on Earth is exactly the same as that of someone who has seen a vision of the Virgin Mary or Angel Gabriel.  Wonder in that which cannot be fully explained or reasoned is in all of us.

So here is what I do believe in.

Being ostensibly mammals we still have a gift for a certain type of telepathy and instinct that acts like a web to join us together because we needed this when we were hunter gatherers and Apple meant food not iPhone.  This is the way we could communicate over distance, we still see this in other pack animals and although some scientists would deny it, pet dogs and their owners.

I also believe that this is like a radio wave that can be held in the very fabric of the Earth therefore I believe in what are called the Akashic Records in some quarters.  A sort of psychic library or internet if you like, that can be accessed by anyone who has the ability to still their minds enough.  Maybe this is why we have evolved intellectually so quickly but our bodies are not keeping up.

I also believe that anyone who has ever existed leaves their mark on these records, that is why certain people who have not lost their sensitivity can see ‘ghosts’ and visions and like my Grandmother can speak to ‘dead people’.  I have wondered if we also leave our consciousness there to be picked up in part or full by a new birth, hence reincarnation.  When my first Son was born, I am sure that I saw a vision of my Grandfather.   It may have been the gas and air but some years later, walking home from school, my son definitely said to me, without prompting, about remembering the last time he was in Heaven.  He was about six and I’d never discussed any of this with him.  ‘Oh Yeah’ I said ‘When were YOU there then’.  He tutted and looked at me with exasperation saying ‘Before I was in your tummy Mummy’.  He could have learned something from school, but he said he hadn’t.


Have you ever read Small Gods by Terry Pratchett? This basically is about thought-forms and how increased belief in one concept can increase their ability to appear to more people and their power.  It is a funny and astute satirical exploration of religion, but is also a good explanation to me of how Gods come into being.

I also believe in Magic, that there is an ability to ripple that energy, that God force that is built up by life on this planet, to make things happen.  Sometimes it needs enough people thinking the same thing and sometimes it can be sabotaged by more people thinking the opposite, so alone we can only do small bits of magic but together…….

None of this can be measured by double blind testing or any other test that science has devised, so it isn’t a fact, I can’t prove it but I do believe in God, omnipotent, pervasive, powerful, made in our own images and formed by the energy of life on this Planet, the consciousness of Gaia.  That means that by destroying the carbon based life forms on the Earth, we destroy God and we destroy our continuing existence and that of our ancestors.  Something to ponder I think.