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Image Credit Copyright: Stéphane Vetter (Nuits sacrées)

Image Credit Copyright: Stéphane Vetter (Nuits sacrées)

I am sure that my friend and colleague Tina Bettison won’t mind me mentioning this, but when I first decided to pursue the business astrology idea, I was introduced to Tina as someone inspirational who could help. This turns out to be absolutely true and coming together on our first meeting we decided to do a bit of a swap. Tina would help with information and networking and I would look at her astrology on a regular basis as a case study and to help her with the various projects that she had in mind.

We made a point of meeting monthly on the New Moons initially, but as time went on and life took over we ended up with the full moon instead and on 4th January we discussed ways I could market my business and Tina wanted advice on the timing of her new writing project. She wanted to post extracts from a book she was planning, on her website and so we looked at certain days on which to do this according to her chart.

We chose several dates over the coming month when she could post various extracts where the energy around would give it that extra boost. The first significant one was Wednesday 21st January with Mercury making a good aspect to her Neptune and Jupiter sitting slap bang on the degree of her Sun. This would indicate a brilliant day to launch a creative project and in Tina’s case, or so we thought, a book. I also gave her a few other dates which she made a note of and after a lovely and productive day I went on my way before it got too dark.

What I failed to notice at the time, was that 21st January was the day after the New Moon and Tina went to a New Moon gathering as described by herself in this article on her own website and something magical happened….


So – sometimes life creeps up on us in ways we just don’t expect. In hindsight it is easy to see that this outpouring of creative energy just after the new Moon and when Jupiter conjuncted the natal Sun is what would happen. It is just that we were focussing on writing as Tina is a successful author and wanted to concentrate on her latest idea.

We don’t always get what we expect but we always get what we ask for. The act that Tina describes was as much an act of magic and commitment which set the wheels in motion and it is obvious that this is what Tina needs to do at this point. However, the timing of the act and its continuation is beautifully described in the astrology.

Tina also notes: “I still have the notes and dates I scribbled from that meeting on 4th January. Mary mentioned that transiting Venus was in trine with my natal Mars on 23rd January, which was a good time for messages of LOVE. To say that I am blown away by the fact that love is at the very core of this new creative adventure, and its name BeLOVEd came to me on that very day, is an understatement. In my diary I have the 23rd as a writing day, however I know that what I created on that day was a painting for my artist friend for her birthday the following week. It was an act of pure love and realising now that it was reflected in the heavens gives me mighty goosebumps! You can see the painting I created for Alison here along with Alison’s own amazing piece of artwork created just before the New Moon in January:


Blue sky

There is a saying in the meditation/mindfulness world ‘Blue Sky Mind’ which is about focussing on the clear blue sky beyond the clouds. It shows us that whatever is happening, the sky is always there for us to access and it is the same with astrology. Astrology is always happening, ticking away like a clock in the background which is available for us to look at when we need to know the time. You can ignore it if you want but it isn’t going away any day soon.