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One of the things I promised myself I would do in order to energise the business and keep it in the ‘public eye’ so to speak is to put a blog post on at least once a week.  So as it’s Sunday and I have done everything I needed to do, well nearly, I thought it’s time to blog.  Sooooo I have been sitting in front of the computer screen trying to think of something new and interesting to say and ….writers block, can’t think of anything.  Anyway I thought I would start writing in the hope that the muse will inspire me and then try to link it in with astrology, business etc.

urapluto2Uranus/Pluto are still doing their ‘thang’ what with the outrage in Copenhagen and the HSBC tax evasion/avoidance scandal.  This transit, on a mundane level, is about bringing things to light which have been bubbling under for some time, with extraordinary results.  It is also part of Pluto in Capricorn where just before Pluto entered the sign at the beginning of 2008 it was involved with what is called a Grand Cross with the Sun, Mars and Uranus on the day that Northern Rock bank collapsed.  This heralded the international financial crisis which, no matter what the present government would have us believe, is still causing a lot of suffering to those who had nothing to do with any of it. However, those who caused it are still getting off lightly.

If we consider that Capricorn is the sign of corporate interests and big business, with Pluto’s energy being that of slow and steady revelation, we can see that over the past 7 years we are finding more and more out about the vagaries and the underhand practices which make that amount of money.

We have also seen atrocities carried out in the name of freedom or religion or any other excuse that you can think of, but what it all comes down to is ‘the people’ becoming more and more resentful of actual or perceived injustices that they start to take action.  They fight, protest, leak information and whistleblow, all it seems at the moment to no avail.  The powerful seem to be winning or at least holding their own.  Vested interests won’t allow the release of the control that they have and as Uranus moves slowly towards making the aspect exact, we will see more of this.

It may be argued that we know all this because of the immense media machine and the rolling news that is hungry and needs to be constantly fed.  This is true – Uranus is the planet of new technology and media.

However, this is only the beginning of the ‘people’s revolution’ and there will come a point when none of it stands up any more.

Pluto’s move into Scorpio coincided with the revelation of the HIV virus which had been going around Africa, at that time only recently showing up in the Western world.  When Pluto brings something up it has to be dealt with, it cannot be ignored, and after many tragedies and a lot of prejudice and scare stories, the world learned not to fear it anymore and science learned to control it.  The same will happen here.  We will no longer fear the corporate/political bully and we will learn how to control and handle them.  In eight years time (sorry that long) when Pluto moves into the much more socially aware Aquarius, we just might be able to hope for a farer society.  Then again…..???????

There you go ….. transiting Venus trine my natal Uranus, inspiration happened, hope it was worth it.