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Money …. It’s a Gas (Planet) !

monlend‘Financial’ astrology is a whole discipline in itself, in which the astrologer needs to have intimate knowledge of the financial markets and how the planets indicate the rise and fall of them as well as a good grasp of general astrology. I have known of and attended meetings in London about mundane astrology where they have timed a talk on financial astrology to coincide with lunchtime in the financial quarter.  They were well attended by ‘City’ types who had bought a full day ticket just to attend this talk. An in-depth article on this is beyond the scope of this blog and to be honest, this astrologer.

However, there are certain things we can look at in order to use astrology to our advantage. There are several planets that indicate finance which include Venus (money and earnings), Pluto (investment) and Neptune (creativity and sales). Deciding how these are placed and their relationships (aspects) to other planets in the chart right at the beginning means that you can have a head start.  This in one of the considerations when electing a time for the business launch.

As an ongoing practice we can also look at the transits of these planets to the charts in order to determine when extra investment or expansion can be thought about and when it is best to consolidate what you already have. Transits of Jupiter for expansion and success and Saturn for consolidation and foundations can also be used to make such decisions.

It is easy to look at the planets in a very simplistic way, Jupiter good, Saturn bad, but this isn’t necessarily correct. There are some planets that pair up really well to balance things out, Jupiter and Saturn are just such a pair. Too much expansion and you get the South Sea Bubble, too much consolidation and you get stagnation or down-right loss. You need the energies of both in order to keep things on an even keel.

As I have said all along, Astrology doesn’t tell you what you have to do but it can give you the necessary tools to make the right decision. As J.P. Morgan once famously said, ‘…..millionaires don’t need astrologers, but billionaires do’. It shows that the most unlikely people are interested in what astrology can actually tell them

Can Planets Affect Your Portfolio? – Forbes


‘Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves’

Such an uncool saying in this age of easy debt but it works.  This is a favourite saying of my Yorkshire Grandmother, who was a wonderful business woman in an age when there was little opportunity for working class women to aspire to this.  Another of her sayings was ‘Get what you’re given and be glad of it’.

Duncan Bannatyne, he of Dragons Den fame, has admitted that he refuses to buy paper clips because he has realised that there are plenty that come through the post anyway.  This is how millionaires get to become and stay that way.  It doesn’t matter how well astrology can direct you to making money, if you don’t spend and invest it wisely then you will still lack it. 

The difference between being rich and being wealthy is how much disposable income you are left with at the end of the month after servicing your lifestyle.