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Refining your career choices and business strategy.

Anyone who starts a business will know from the beginning that it isn’t just a question of putting a sign outside and waiting for the masses to book their place, it takes rather more effort than that. Of course, there are plenty of hints and tips out there, but they tend to be generic or based on one person’s experience and personality. Most are really useful but sometimes we need a bespoke solution based on who we are and what we want to achieve. This is where astrology can help.

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Photo courtesy of library.manoa.hawaii.edu/…/CoffeeArt.jpg

Photo courtesy of library.manoa.hawaii.edu/…/CoffeeArt.jpg

All astrologers will tell you that astrology cannot make any decisions for you but it can give you the tools to make the right decision for yourself. The assumption that I make is that when someone comes with the beginning of a business idea, it is because they have thought of something that they really like to do and that they have found they have a talent for.

Using astrology to drill down to where your talents lie can be very useful. For instance, I am starting my business as an astrologer because I am fascinated by it, I know that I am good at it and I love helping people to find their direction and this is my starting point. Ideally this is should be the first decision that any new business person would consider, but this is not always the case.

Studying a chart can help discover if an interest can be made into a business and career or should just be left as a hobby. It can also determine which parts of running that business we are good at and which we need to call others in for. You may know you are good at healing and you have a good knowledge of your subject, but how good are you at pricing your services or doing your accounts? You may be a brilliant organiser but cannot imagine how to start networking or marketing yourself. This all lies within the chart to be unlocked

Astrology can advise on how you communicate and the most effective way that you can get your message across. It can also suggest a marketing strategy based on your personality, the nature of the business and what you would like to achieve.


Why keep a dog and bark yourself?

Use the talents of those around you. My youngest son has a degree in film and video making and photography and has also had some training in graphic design; my eldest is an electrician and sound and lighting technician. Who else would I get to do audio and visual at any presentations I might want to organise, make small marketing films for my business and work on my publicity material? And they have friends who are computer whiz kids so I don’t have to be. Whose talents could you be tapping into?