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Something that has been coming more and more to my attention is the way that the World today seems to revel in being morally outraged.

I saw a story recently where parents were ‘outraged’ by a toy that looked like a dildo. Actually it was a syringe or extruding device for Play Doh which actually looks like an enlarged icing pen, but it shows how highly sexualised our world is if something like this could cause such ‘outrage’.


For goodness sake, in my day (oops, Granny Mary emerges) we had toys shaped like guns and sweets shaped like cigarettes, both of which were far more recognisable to children and far more dangerous than something that looks like (to those who recognise such things), but would not be played with (not by children any way) as a self-pleasuring device.

The other thing that has come to my attention is that professional motor mouth and opinion spouter, Katie Hopkins, has been getting far too much attention (and paid work it seems) therefore has been reported as being more and more outrageous in her opinions and comments, which means that the world at large can be more and more horrified. Even the police are getting involved and the other motor mouth, beer swigging, attention seeking ‘Briton of the Year’ UKIP leader Nigel Farage, has also taken his chance by wading in. Mary Whitehouse would be proud of us all.


The internet is a wonderful thing, I am using it at the moment, but social media, digital newspapers and 24 hour rolling news, need to fill the space with something.

OK this has been happening for years with the News of the World and other tabloids Vs. Mr Angry of Tottenham resulting in the Festival of Light and the National Viewers and Listeners Association lead by Mary Whitehouse in the 1960’s. At the time she was seen as a bit of a laughing-stock to be put down by the media, but now, it seems that moral outrage sells papers.

It is really easy for people nowadays to share opinions from the anonymity of their computer keyboards as demonstrated by myself, here. It is also really easy, without going out in the rain and cold, to set up petitions, to make outrageous comments and to incite others to get really cross about things that are basically trivial and are the rabid imaginings of the socially inept or attention seekers. Speakers Corner in comfort. This is fuelled by a hungry media who need to fill column spaces and air time because silence or good news just isn’t an option.

Who in their right mind would blame immigrants for them being late to a meeting that supporters have paid hundreds of pounds to attend, but they still get honoured as the Times ‘Briton of the Year.’ It’s not about the good they have done; it seems to be about the number of papers they have sold. The excuse that they have changed the face of politics does not really hold water. They have ridden on the back of people’s fear of the ‘others’ in this financially squeezed time so that the blame for all personal ills is taken away from their banking cronies and put squarely on the shoulders of the poor, vulnerable and those who are trying to make a better life for themselves.


 I don’t think that it is any coincidence that at the moment, Uranus in Aries (shock, revolution, independence, ‘let’s change the world’) is making a difficult aspect to Pluto in Capricorn (Horror, conservatism, bringing up the worst bigotry) in the skies at the moment. This aspect has been threatening to happen for a few years but has only recently come close enough to be an aspect. It will be in aspect for a few more years before they separate (or unconsciously uncouple) and so this is an ongoing thing.

What I believe is happening is that the aspect between these two planets in the signs that they are in, is bringing into focus what is actually wrong with the World, that moral outrage is not a state of being to inhabit and that the trivia that everyone is concentrating on is taking the attention off what we really need to look at. It is a consequence of helpless people trying to take control where they have none. There is also an upsurge in the number of people saying ‘Why is this News worthy?????’ and questioning the whole focus of the media.

I agree with Katie Hopkins on one thing, I believe that you cannot offend, you can only be offended and I also believe that the right and privilage of free speech is more important than anybody’s right not to be offended as long as it doesn’t incite hatred or criminal action.

There is good out there in the Twittersphere/Facebookworld, look at Steven Sutton, The Ice Bucket Challenge, 38 Degrees etc. but the concentration on non-entities and celebrity bottoms is becoming overwhelmingly lurid and obsessive.

With Saturn square Neptune – World of Confusion

On the BBC, Charlie Brooker’s 2014 Wipe showed an Adam Curtis film which is very interesting unless you have an obsession with conspiracy theories which makes it scary. Saturn is also squaring Neptune and this short film about how the orchestrated lack of clarity within politics and the media causes the inability for opposition to gain ground demonstrates this aspect wonderfully.


Now that 2015 has finally come, at least we have a Royal Baby to look forward to, another media obsession, but this time at least it’s a reason to be cheerful

On that note may I wish you all a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

Post Script – It hasn’t escaped my notice that on 7th January there was an outrageous attack on Charlie Hebdo, the satirical French magazine.  What ever the in’s and out’s of this are, and there are many levels, it is worth noting that at that time, the Sun had just moved past the conjunction with Pluto and was adding fuel to the fire.