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Saturns Seasons

Picture courtesy of NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap130721.html

It’s been a while since I have put a post here, but the time has come to rectify this. Although things are working in the background when it comes to the business, Saturn is slowing things down/holding things up and Neptune is distracting me with other things and confusing a lot of things. I am working hard at keeping things in perspective.

I thought it would be a good exercise to have a look at the general workings of the Saturn Cycle, as it is a very important part of the Astrological cycle. Saturn takes about 29 years to go through the zodiac and back to its own position.

If we look at the astronomical placing of Saturn, it is the outer-most planet that the ancients could see with the naked eye. It also has the most prominent rings around it. Although it has  since been discovered that some of the other gas giants have these rings the only ones we can see without a telescope are around Saturn. This gives us some idea of the meanings given to this planet.

In an astrological context Saturn means limits, maturation, old age, foundations, responsibilities and all that comes with growing up. It indicates what is, not what we want or desire or what we think something ought to be and the Saturn cycle shows us the reality of our existence.

Around seven years after we are born, it comes to the first major transit to its own position. We are at a particular stage in our development where we start to work with rules; this is a recognised developmental stage where independence and evolving social skills are key. It is also a time when confidence is fragile because we start to recognise what is seen to be right or correct. The internal wagging finger begins.

About the age of 9/10 we reach the next major transit of Saturn and this is where we start to get the hang of the whole getting older thing. It’s where the foundations begin to take shape and we begin to understand how to handle the old nagging Saturn and start to realise the rewards of taking things step by step and the importance of focus. We become more emotionally mature and more confident, however, we start to push at boundaries and this can cause conflict.

Next major one is about 14/15 years old, which being the mother of boys I see as the ‘knuckle dragging’ stage. I was lucky enough that ‘Kevin and Perry’ were popular around this period and I could use them as a reference to defuse any situation. It’s puberty, hormones are racing, we get spotty, our bodies change, our emotions change and we are basically turning from a child to an adult with all the scary stuff that life can throw at us at this age. No wonder we turn into little monsters.

The next milestone is about 18/19 which is the modern day celebration of maturity. We have scraped though our exams and for a lot of people it is moving on to University or establishing oneself in a career, relationship etc. We are old enough to vote and become involved in society and this is followed by the next stage which is about 21 and the more traditional ‘key of the door’ stage. The earlier transit is the easier one, with the excitement of independence and the brave new world just out there on the horizon. The one at 21 is more difficult and for me coincides with, what I call the ‘kicking out of the nest’ syndrome.

When I got to this stage I was desperate to get away and make my own life but didn’t have the resources and was scared to do so, to make the leap. As a parent, it was difficult to live with the children who were older and would challenge the ‘house rules’ believing that ‘it was as much their home as it was mine and my husbands’ so they could treat any way they liked, rules had to be laid. It is a time of an unresolved sense of entitlement, wanting to grow up and be free but not wanting the responsibilities that would afford that freedom of choice.  (At this age it is also the first time that Uranus makes a major, difficult transit to it’s own position, but that is a whole other story.)

Within such structures, unless we resolve to behave in a mature way there is constant conflict between trying to break away and seeing the world as a big scary challenging place.

The final part of the cycle is the Saturn Return which happens around 28 – 30. This is the big one, the point of maturity and putting away of childish things. It is the big reality hit showing us exactly what we have been doing right and what we have been wasting our time with.

If we have been working with our Saturn cycle and reviewing our life and ambitions as we go, looking at things realistically, then this is the time when the rewards for this show themselves and things fall into place. If on the other hand, we are trying to live our lives for other people, to impress or because that is what they need and expect, then things will start to fall apart. In most experiences it’s a mixture of the two. Either way, it clears the way to move on.

I gave up work on my Saturn return, having had my first child.  It meant that the finances were tighter than usual but during my pregnancy I had made sure that I had cleared all debts except the mortgage.  That was 30 years ago and now I have recently completed my second Saturn return, which is having basically the same effect.  I am negotiating redundancy and although both of my children have now grown up, at both times I looked to increase my work with Astrology.  This time with increased knowledge and wisdom …… it is hoped.