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The Sun will only be in aspect of its trine to Uranus for 2 days, but what has been happening this weekend has been very indicative of such a transit.

Uranus is about doing things differently and trying new things and this is fired off by the swifter moving planets as much as the slower ones.  In fact because it is a slow moving planet itself, it seems to be more affected if it is transited by the quicker SolarSystemplanets than the slower, outer ones.

At the moment, long term transits to my chart are a little challenging, there isn’t an awful lot of lightness around and they are still having an overall effect. Yesterday started  with some frustration, but there were some resolutions as well.  The problem my elderly mother was having with a door for some time happened again and meant that we had to put back our plans to do some Christmas shopping for an hour or so.  However, it at that point was obvious what was happening and the moving and taping down of a door mat had the required results.

Whilst in town, I tried to get some badly needed shoes whilst shopping, (Being a Pisces, I have peculiar feet and need a wider than usual fitting) I tried some specialist shops but nothing.  However, on doing a bit more research not only did I find the usual shop I buy from still had a place in town, having closed their shop some time back, but I found shoes and a new top.  Result!

Disappointment to find that what I thought was a weekend event was not going to start until the next day made me go into my usual coffee shop for a consoling slice of cake.  It was packed and the only table I was able to find was for six people.  We nabbed it and my partner went to get the refreshments.  I noticed another couple trying to find a seat and they were just about to leave when I did something I don’t usually do and invited them to share the table.  We struck up a lovely and interesting conversation, whether we will ever meet them again I don’t know, but it sort of made my day.

Another new thing that happened, on the spur of the moment we arranged to meet some relatives of my partner who go into Leicester every Saturday.  We met in an iconic building which is now a pub called the Corn Exchange and realised that in the 50 years I have lived here, I had never been in that part of the building.  I even bought some yellow tomatoes for a change

To add to that, there were other little moments of serendipity today, all indicative of Uranus energy.

So often, Astrologers ignore those transits of the inner planets that only last a day or two, but I have found that time and time again on checking transits because a partcular happening or feeling has impacted on me, more often than not it is one of the inner planets firing off one of the outer planets, sometimes, in the case of the Moon, for only a couple of hours.

The more I look into this Astrology lark, the more fascinating it becomes.