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For the next couple of weeks I have Saturn transiting in a square aspect to my natal Pluto and quite frankly I have felt the need to go to bed for a fortnight and just let it all wash over me.

In my working world, I was supposed to be meeting with my line manager for my midterm review, and I had a lot of things to talk about. It was especially important to meet up as she wouldn’t be in the office for most of the next week. On the previous evening, I ironically had an appointment to see the doctor to get something checked out. On the way I nipped into the local shop to pick up some groceries and as I was leaving went badly over on my ankle.

I was able to get to the doctors, who said that I was clear with the reason that I went, but suggested some other tests.  She also had a look at the ankle and after reasoning that as I was walking on it so nothing very serious going on there, said I was to get home and put some frozen peas on the ankle, thus reminding me of the thing I went into the Co-op for and completely forgot, and that it would ‘hurt like hell’ the next day.

Sure enough, I couldn’t drive so had to have the day off hobbling around the house.  I was so infuriated because there was so much to happening at work on that day that I needed to be there for.

On the financial front, I knew it was going to be a bad month, but not quite as bad as it turned out. I knew a large motor insurance payment was going to leave my account at the end of October, which I was prepared for, but going online to check I found that there were other payments going out which were legitimate but that I had totally forgotten about. Payment for impulse buys needing to be addressed and my children suddenly demanding the help of Mum’s bank all went to clear out any slush fund that I had managed to build up over the months. Totally annoying but totally indicative of the transit.

When Saturn and Pluto collide it is about coming up against obstacles which need to be overcome. I liken it to coming up against a brick wall but banging your head or even a battering ram against it will result in some nasty bruising but not much damage to Brick wallthe wall. The trick with transits involving these planets, even the easy ones, it to take some of the wall down brick by brick and use those resourses to build steps over it, metaphorically speaking. It’s about reviewing, refining and renewing processes in your life using present experience to see where this review needs to happen.

On a personal level, reviewing my standing orders and other purchases leading up to Christmas won’t come amiss along with recognising that although the sprained ankle left me hobbling about, I could get on with making plans and thinking about the future of my business and what needs doing. This left the midterm review less important in my mind and I was able to sit around being waited on for a couple of days, which did me and my ankle no end of good.