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I have looked this up on the internet and the first line of the interpretation is ‘During this time you will make many adjustments in your life, separating yourself from persons or circumstances that are doing you no good’. Well, I thought, I wonder how this will turn out.

Jupiter and Saturn

Jupiter and Saturn

I have been coming to the conclusion that there are a lot of people who consider themselves spiritual beings who are basically nothing of the sort.

Many years ago I was involved with a group of people who were sharing a spiritual path and as happens in a lot of groups, there was some dissent and a certain member was asked to leave, which in turn caused some friction within the remaining members with others leaving in protest. This was nearly 30 years ago and consisted of the type of people who would spout love and light and forgiveness and healing constantly.

Recently I encountered one of those who left in protest and thought that maybe as I was a peripheral member of the ‘in’ crowd and the passage of time, then it might be time to add a couple of struts to the odd bridge and made an effort to talk to them, especially as several years earlier, I had met them and they were enthusiastically telling me all about their new project and how I must come and visit it some time.

This person is still going on about love, light, healing and forgiveness as far as I could see so perhaps, I thought, they would be walking their talk. Instead of which, I got a very polite and rather measured response to the effect that they were still completely wounded by my actions, how the main protagonist who had requested the person to leave had written to apologise for the hurt which had obviously been caused (having bought into to the guilt trip that was currently being tried on me) and had the letter burned. In this way they rejected my metaphorical hand of friendship. I said that I accepted their reasons, respected their decision and wished them well.

Not that I was that bothered because I hadn’t seen them for a long time and we were never so close that no contact has made it painful, although what it made me think was ‘Where was the personal insight?’

I have learned that we need to take responsibility for our actions, deal with the consequences, look at the positives of things that don’t work out in our favour and ‘Know Thyself’ which sometimes I fail at but all the time I strive for. In this person there was no recognition of the reason why someone was asked to leave, there was no acceptance that there might have been something in their behaviour that may have caused the rift and no acknowledgement that they had learned any lessons from it. They were in the right (both this person and the friend they left the group for) in their eyes had done nothing wrong and had obviously been wallowing in the injustice of it for nearly 30 years.

Now, I accept there must be something within the personality that needs healing and a gentle touch, something in the past which may have caused certain behaviours and triggers. We realised this at the time and agonised over the decision but in the end, what we were not involved in was a therapy group for one disruptive person.

I am trying to understand, if this person is all love and light, why is there no capacity to forgive and look for the positives of the situation. In the end it spurred them on to find another, more suitable and obviously successful project, as it is still in place. I learned a long time ago about the hypocrisy of some of the New Age thinking and practice, but I am just recognising that it is more widespread that even I thought.

I haven’t in any way identified this person or the situation which brought the original rift about, because it is not the point of this post, which is to talk about personal situations which spark off thoughts about astrological transits. However, if they read this, they just might recognise me and put two and two together. If they do I wonder if this will be just another stab in already shredded back or if it will be a wakeup call.

I don’t think for an instant this is the end of the transit repercussions; (although it is the end of this encounter) so watch this space