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It occurred to me just before I started writing this,  that I  missed something that was going on astrologically for me.  I was looking at transits to see what would be appropriate to write about next and I was also thinking about a wonderful photograph that I had seen from the ‘Astronomy Picture of the Day’ website run by NASA of what seems to be a person standing ‘holding’ the planets Jupiter and Venus in each hand. To me, the image was all about perspective and may have been enhanced in some way but it was very symbolic of the balance between the ‘benefics’ as they are known in Astrology. Suddenly I thought that with Jupiter’s path at the moment, it must have contacted Venus in my chart at some point during the past few months.

Credit: Marek Nikodem http://www.ozma.astronomia.pl/

Credit: Marek Nikodem http://www.ozma.astronomia.pl/

I checked and lo and behold, I was right!  I had been concentrating so much on the Saturn return that I hadn’t noticed that during early August transiting Jupiter had opposed my Venus. Instead of the usual 3 passes that sometimes happens with Jupiter and happens with all of the further out planets, it was in aspect for only 4 days or so, so with everything else that was happening in my chart, it went past relatively unnoticed.

However, looking back at emails it seems that just before Jupiter started to engage with Venus I had contacted someone who is a key person to this website and business process and is helping me to look at the details of what I want to achieve. At the same time, Saturn was aspecting my Sun so I had assumed that it was something to do with this, which it might well have been, but seeing as Jupiter/Venus is specifically about expanding social contacts in order to achieve something more, it seems that this has fitted in pretty snugly.

The contact that I made has been extremely helpful and we are able to share experience and knowledge in order to mutually support each other in our individual ventures.  As we talk, new ideas start flooding in and I start to remember all the old skills and knowledge that I used to have which could be incorporated into the consultation.  I hope the same happens for her, I will have to ask.


It’s all about noticing those little moments of serendipity that seem to happen, you  look back and see that they are reflected in the sky. This has happened to me on numerous occasions, and although they could be brushed off as ‘it’s just me’ or ‘it’s just a coincidence’ at the time, these ‘coincidences’ happen more than we are aware of. Even for someone like me who is tuned into her chart. I don’t check it very often, but when something happens that is out of the ordinary, I can pretty much find a transit that describes what is happening. It would be much less obvious to someone for whom astrology doesn’t come into their life or does but only in a superficial way.

It’s all about trusting your instinct, I knew there was something more happening astrologically but focussed completely on Saturn, but it wasn’t a Saturn ‘thing’.  I don’t live my life by my stars, I don’t think anyone should, but I do like these little sparkles of confirmation that say I am walking the right path for me and I know what I am doing