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Grey Heron – (c) Richard M Carr

Every 28 years or so, Saturn returns to the same position in the chart that it held at the time of birth and this is all about the maturation cycle. As this is the second time it has happened in my life, I am discovering that this time it is all about letting go of my youth and embracing my 3rd age.

The first time it happened it was about facing up to my responsibilities and putting aside what I wanted to do and start doing what I ought to do. This was doubly true as I had my first child just before my first Saturn return and really had to choose between working at something I loved or looking after and nurturing the person (eventually 2 people) that I loved and chose to bring into the world. The latter won out.

This time, I am finding that I have the desire and the time to try and make my Astrology really work for me, but not only that, I am giving up the constant and increasing struggle to retain my youth.  I have always had ‘good genes’ in that respect, passed down from my father’s family so I have never looked my age anyway, but I have always wanted to wear youthful clothes.  They never fitted me when ‘Twiggy’ was the role model and now they make them large enough,   …… well….  ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ is the phrase that comes to mind.  So, the last time I went to the hairdressers, I did something I never thought I would.  I had my hair coloured so it would blend in as my grey grew through.  I have decided to become a ‘silver foxy lady’ following in the footsteps of women like Helen Mirren (except in her pink phase), Meryl Streep, Jamie Lee Curtis and Dame Judy Dench to name but a few.

Within my spiritual path, it is encouraged that you not only embrace but celebrate that time of your life where you have reached a point of real maturity.  It is seen as a new freedom where the duties of family life have lessened, where you can let go of what you ought to do and start doing what you want to do with the added wisdom that living life has given you.  The grey hairs on my head and the wrinkles around my eyes are the trophies that show I have lived life as fully as I can and give character, depth and individuality to my appearance and will continue to do so.  Who wants to look like everyone else anyway?