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WSaturnell here’s a thing!!,

Transiting Saturn is squaring my natal Mercury which means, problems with communication. Soooo, I can’t access my main email account and haven’t been able to all day. I have also been waiting for a password update for my phone account from yesterday which hasn’t arrived yet. This is Astrology in action; OK the email thing is happening to a lot of the customers using the same supplier but the phone and email problems together …… different suppliers …… happening to me as the Saturn transit is in process…… Some people may say it’s a coincidence, but to be honest, I think it’s too much of one.

Taking this one step further and looking at it in a business sense, if this is happening to the business chart it is something that needs to be planned for. When choosing a time to start the business, it is important to make sure that Mercury is well aspected or at least has more easy than difficult aspects because Mercury is the way the business communicates with the outside world, how you get your message across, information coming in and going out. If your customers can’t contact you, how can they buy anything?

Similar transits to the business chart pre-warn of possible communication problems and irritations, but these can be mitigated with a little forethought. Sometimes with Astrology, if worked with efficiently and positively we might not see what might have happened, but every now and again, like today, the consequences of not dealing with it, or of not having the control in the first place, sneak up on us just to remind us that there is something in it after all.