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astrology-ad cropBecause of the way my chart is set up I have an awful lot of planets in aspect to each other.  Therefore, when I get a transit, it fires off a lot of areas in my chart.  At the moment it’s Saturn doing the transiting.  He has just moved off of the conjunction to his natal position and an aspect to the Sun in my chart and is now hitting jupiter, Mercury and the Moon in quick succession, some easily, some less so.

The square to Mercury is making me work hard at setting up this website, researching where I am going to network about the business and how I am going to get my message across, whether those networks are reputable and effective or whether they would be a waste of my time.  It has also challenged my old, much-loved desktop computer that I bought with money my late father gave me some 15 years ago.  Sentimental value and fine for a lot of things, but slow, no longer fit for the purpose I need it for and not able to be upgraded (it was refurbished when I got it).

The sextile to the Moon in my chart is making me reconfigure my relationships with my children.  They are now in their late 20’s/early 30’s and I no longer have the energy or resources (physically or psychologically) to support them in ways that they should be able to do for themselves at this stage, so I am gently cutting certain apron strings.  I am leaving them with enough knowledge and understanding that I will do what I can, but circumstances will mean that in a few months time I will no longer have the financial resources to help them as I have done in the past.  It’s hard because there is a realisation that I should have done this some years ago to make them more resourceful, but this is Saturn, the reality hit, what you need to do and not necessarily what you want to do.

The Trine to Jupiter is the most positive and it is part of the ‘Getting out there and selling myself’ process because it allows me to make good judgements and contacts.

As this process has been going on for the best part of the year and is about to conclude, a lot of the decisions I have made and the skills I am building up is about putting things into place to launch myself on an unsuspecting public.  There will be problems, not all the transits are as cosy and easy as these are and there are going to be challenges along the way.  Hopefully I have started to lay the foundations for something resilient